Save Money. Win Prizes.

Save Money. Win Prizes.

Save Money. Win Prizes.

We Make Saving Fun

Too few Americans are saving for bumps in the road of life.  Save.Win Club encourages people to save their money by running a monthly sweepstakes that increases as our Club grows. 


Yes, We Said FULLY refundable

Your $10 membership is fully refundable at any time.  Unfortunately the $1 transaction fee is not. 

Other than that, no strings.  Simple.


As Many As You Like

Build your savings and increase your chances to win by purchasing multiple memberships. 

One membership = one entry


Spread the Word

Tell your friends. The more members, the bigger the monthly sweepstakes.  Help us grow the club so that we can pay out $1 million a Month


We Protect your Data

Everybody loves a great sweepstakes, but no one loves unwanted calls and emails.  Save.Win will NEVER spam you.


Automatic Entry in Every Monthly Drawing

Current members are automatically entered

in each month's sweepstakes.


Don't Want To Join? You Can Still Enter the Monthly Drawing

Per Sweepstakes rules, anyone can enter our monthly drawing. Click here to get info.