About Save.Win

Most Americans don’t even have $100 in savings.  

Save Win Club changes that. It’s a better, faster and more exciting way to start saving TODAY.  

For as little as $10 (plus a $1 transaction fee), you can become a member. Each member has the chance, monthly, to win serious cash. The goal is to have a MILLION DOLLAR winner each month. That’s right. One million dollars EACH MONTH.

Save Win Club pools the membership funds into interest-bearing accounts so that we can pay out monthly winners based on this collective interest. The more members, the bigger the pool of money. You always have access to the money you’ve saved and memberships are 100% refundable.

Currently our monthly winners are winning $1,000 a month but we are growing and we need you to help us grow. 

Are you ready to Save Win for your chance to one day win $1 MILLION?

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